Meet the Team!

Valery Nigro

Founder/CEO and Lead Photographer

Valery grew up in Omaha, NE, where she completed college at Metropolitan Community College and Bellevue University. Valery holds degrees in Graphic Design, Criminal Justice with a Law Enforcement Specialty, Behavioral Science, and she is also currently working on her Masters in Organizational Leadership and Coaching.

Valery started her path in Photography as a model, starting at age 16 years old. Valery retired her life in front of the camera at age 34 and then ventured to the other side of the camera. Valery was mentored by many photographers in the Omaha area, until she explored the photography world on her own in 2013. 

Valery enjoys photography both as a career and as a hobby.  Valery also enjoys martial arts and has studied the forms of Taekwondo for several years in the Omaha area.

Valery loves working with animals and people! Valery has a passion for helping others and her reward is to see the smiling faces after every photo session!


The Photo Editing Pup

Georgie loves to sit on the desk while Valery edits for hours. He supervises the editing production and he believes that he is the office boss. 

Georgie is a critic.

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