The Creative Photography

If you are the Artistic lover, this is perfect for highlighting who you are within your portraits! 

The Creative Photography allows us to express who you are through taking that extra time in shooting and editing your portraits! 

During the shooting process of your Creative Photography Session, we go beyond the basic posing techniques and allow you to open your mind with no limitations! During the photo session in the above photo, the photographer rested low in the grass to get that perfect angle. The way that we shoot will change the way the photo looks! While we are exploring our own creativity as photographers, we also encourage you to explore yourself through creative ideas! Your shoot is always fun and a wonderful learning experience of who you truly are as an individual and also great for couples and families to enjoy this special bonding experience! Photography can be very therapeutic for everyone!

During the editing process of your Creative Photography, we take the extra time to enhance your portraits through artistic editing techniques. The editing does take longer to complete! However, it is well worth the wait! Think of this style of editing as painting on a canvas. That is what we do; We paint on your personal canvas that we created through the camera! In the photo above, the bird was painted into the photo. The light and shadows in the photo was manipulated very carefully. The sun-rays that you see in this photo was painted in very carefully. All of these special details take time and learned skills from the photographer to create!

This style of photography is a very high demand style for us! The finished product is a masterpiece that will be cherished by your family for so many generations! These styles of photography look fabulous printed on high quality canvas!

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