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Frequently asked questions

How much do you charge?

This obviously is the most common question! Our pricing is based off of the following factors: The style of the photography services. The length of time the photo shoot will take. The length of time the editing production will take. Whether or not we will need to hire our Assistants or additional Photographers for the shoot. How far will we have to travel to do the shoot. While we are needing to make sure that we are able to break even on the costs of the business, paying staff and other expenses, including paying ourselves; We want to provide a fair price with high quality services to you! To see all of our pricing, please place your mouse over the " Classic" or the " Creative" tab to see the drop-down menu, and then select the " Pricing" option.

Why do you charge for your services?

For any business, running a business does not come free. As a Photography Business, we have high expenses, such as;

  • Photography Equipment
  • Marketing Expenses
  • Staff Expenses
  • Editing Software Expenses
  • Administrative Expenses
  • Taxes
Aside from these expenses, we need to be paid for our time; Just the same as you need to be paid for your time when you go to work every day. Our time is very valuble, and our skills are learned from years of experience. Garrett Photography is a valued Photography Business and just as we value our clients, we value our talents.

Can I have all of the photos from our shoot, even the unedited photos?

No. We do not provide any unedited photos from your photo shoot and we do not edit every single photo out of our cameras. The reason why we do not provide unedited photos to clients is because an unedited photo in comparison to an edited photo looks completely different. When we edit photos, we dramaticlly change the brightness of the lighting, the way the shadows are placed, we soften up the skin, brighten the eyes, etc. If we gave you an unedited photo that was too dark and showed other negetive factors about the photo and then you posted that on social media with our business name attached to that photo, that would not showcase our skills to the fullest. The copyright laws protect photographers and artist from negative situations such as that. If you were to purchase a painting from an artist, would you request to purchase the blank canvas from that artist before the artist was able to create the painting? Your answer will probably be "No". This is the same aspect for a photographer. Your unedited (RAW) photos is our blank canvas. We cannot give you a blank canvas. If you would like to edit your own photos, then we advise that you have a friend or family member shoot the photos for you on your own personal camera and then provide you with the unedited photos. The copyright law states that any photos that are produced from a camera, is owned by the person who owns that camera. Therefor, if you would like to own the copyrights to the photos, you would need to request to purchase the copyrights form the photographer, or use your own personal camera to shoot the photos. The reason why we do not edit every single photo that we shoot is because a lot of times we will get duplicate photos. The reason why we get duplicate photos is because our cameras are set to shoot on continuous shooting mode - This setting on our camera opens the shutter several times within seconds. This allows us to capture that perfect photo without having blinking eyes, etc. Any duplicates are deleted because we would be waisting our time if we edited the same photo over and over. Also, many times we will get photos that have incorrect lighting; Such as the photo may be overexposed or underexposed; Or photos that are out of focus, etc. The reason why we get these unsuccessful photos is because while we are making adjustments on the settings in our cameras, we have to take "test photos" to see how the adjustments look. These "test photos" are deleted. Remember, that we are trained professionals in shooting and editing.

Can I have a free CD of my photos?

No. We do not offer CDs of photos because we provide an online photo gallery for you. In your photo galleries, you are able to log in and view your photos and order any prints that you will want. You are also able to obtain downloads of your photos, which is what your CD would offer you. The online gallery is much more convenient for clients because you receive instant access to your photos without having to come pick up your CD or wait for it to arrive in the mail. Because we pay for this gallery for you, we are not able to give it to your for free.

Can I bring my Pet to my shoot?

Yes! Pets are always welcome to join in your portraits! We are very strong pet lovers! We believe pets are a part of your family! We have a dog also, and he is loved as much as our children are loved! Please, bring your fur-baby; Whether it be a dog, a cat, a horse, a lizzard or a bird! We love them all!

Can I bring my own props to my shoot?

Yes! We encourage you to bring any kind of props that you want! Bringing your own props allows you to express how unique you are! We are very open to your ideas and we want you to have fun with expressing yourself in your photo session!

Can I bring extra people to be in my shoot, even though I am paying for Senior Portraits, or Couple's Portraits?

If you are paying for Senior Portraits, Couple's Portraits, Modeling Portfolio shoot, or Family Portraits that limit a certain number of people in your group, then you cannot add anymore people to your photo shoot session without being charged extra for that portrait package option change. That would be the same as ordering a steak dinner and requesting a free lobster tail. Chances are, that would not work out. Please remember, the more people that we photograph, the more time that we spend with you during your shoot and the longer it takes to edit your photos. If you would like to add more people to your photo shoot session, please let us know so that we are able to make those package and pricing adjustments appropriately.

Why do you charge a travel fee if you are traveling outside of Omaha?

We charge a travel fee because it costs us gas money to drive to your location. It also takes more of our time to travel longer distances to perform your photo shoot session. It would not be fair to us if we had to pay for that extra gas out of our own pockets to go that extra mile to do your photo shoot session.

Can I have a free Print Release?

No. We do not offer a free print release. The reason why we charge for a Print Release is because when you take those photo downloads and the print release to outside labs, such as Walgreens, Costco, Walmart, etc., then we are not profiting from the print orders. The reason why our Photography Service charges are more affordable than other photography businesses, such as the typical portrait studios, is because we give you financial wiggle-room for those print purchases. The typical portrait studio will end up charging you a total of around $1,500.00 for your portraits after they up-sell you print packages. We spend a lot of time with you during your photo session, as well as even more time editing your photos. Figuring the hourly rate of all of that time spent on your photography services, we cannot afford to work for $5 an hr. Would you work for $5 an hr? This is why it is important that we charge for a Print Release.

How long will our photo shoot last?

Depending on the package you choose, your photo shoot session could last anywhere between 30 minutes to 7 hours. The higher priced packages offer the longer photo shoot sessions. However, if you decide that you would like your shoot to end sooner than the estimated time, let us know and we can call it a day!

How many edited photos will I get?

Depending on the package that you choose, will depend on the number of edited photos that you will get. The less expensive packages start at 5 edits, and then go all the way up to 150 edits for large shoots, such as weddings and other events.

Why do I have to sign a Services Agreement?

A Services Agreement protects both the client and the photography business legally. We are not permitted to provide a services to you until you sign a Services Agreement. You will sign your Services Agreement when we arrive at the shoot location, before your photo shoot session takes place. If you would like a copy of your signed agreement, let us know and we will email you a copy.

How long will it take before I will receive my edited photos?

It takes between 4 and 16 weeks to complete photo edits. The length of time for editing production depends on how long the photo shoot session was (the longer the shoot, the more photos to edit), the type of photography services (Wedding shoots take longer to edit that Family Portraits, for example), the style of editing you would like (Artistic/Creative style takes longer to edit than Classic style due to the details of the edits.), and how busy we are. We edit in the order of the shoot date. This means that we have to edit the shoots that occurred before your shoot took place. This is to be fair to everyone before you. For example; If you where standing in a line to get into a movie theater, you would not cut in front of the person in front of you so you can be first, is that correct? That is the same approach that we use here for editing production. If you would like to expidite your photo edits, you can request that, however there is a $100 Expedited Editing Fee for that. For Expedited Photo Edit orders, the typical time frame would then be up to 4 weeks max. Typically for Business Headshot Portraits, the editing process is very quick - about a week or so. However, remember that you still have to wait your turn for editing.

Do you offer Canvas prints or other photo gifts?

Yes! We love our Canvas prints! We also offer metal prints and beautiful print finishes! We will be offering greeting cards, framed prints and photo books very soon as well!

Why do I have to pay a Retainer Fee to reserve my shoot date?

A Retainer Fee holds the shoot date in the schedule for you. The reason why there is a Retainer Fee is because it shows your good-faith in reserving that date. If we were to hold a date for you, and then you rescheduled at a short notice, or did not show up on the date of your shoot; Then we missed out on booking that date with another client because we reserved that date with you instead. The Retainer Fee is simply a portion of the cost of your photography services, paid up-front at booking. This is not an additional fee.

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